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Air Cleaners

Air Cleaners in Westchester

Air cleaners can remove 95% or more of the undesirable airborne particles in your home. Our Westchester County air quality specialists install whole home air cleaners that do perform this well. By comparison, a typical disposable furnace filter removes only 10% to 15% of the contaminants

Our electronic air cleaners are very energy-efficient and require a media change only once a year. That's a far cry from the trouble you would get with a portable air cleaner that wastes energy and doesn't work as well.

If you need installation of an electronic cleaner or would like to speak with one of our expert duct cleaning technicians, please contact us today.

Why Air Cleaners Are Worth It

The air in your Westchester County home is much more likely to be polluted than the air outdoors. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, "As a result of today’s energy efficient, tight or closed building construction, the air in our homes and workplace is 2-5 times more polluted than the worst exterior air and may be 100 times more polluted."

A clean indoor atmosphere cannot be attained without controlling airborne particulate using a product such as the whole-home air cleaners we install at NuAir Solutions.

OxyQuantum UV Cleansers

Quantum UV systems are designed to be installed into the ductwork of your furnace and air conditioning system and are based on accumulated research data and actual field experience from Tri-Med Industries and Westinghouse Electric Corporation Lamp Divisions’ Research Laboratories. All ultraviolet energy is measured in nanometers.

The wavelengths are shorter than visible light, therefore are invisible to the human eye. One of the wavelengths of ultraviolet light generated by the Quantum germicidal lamps is in the 254-nanometer range which is lethal or damaging to the bioaerosols described above.

OxyQuantum units also can create ozone (UVV) with a special dual frequency UV lamp. The size of the lamp used creates a predictable amount of UVV inside the ductwork. This amount is measured at less than .05 ppm (parts per million) which is the EPA standard for safe limits of ozone within our indoor air environment.

If you are looking for air cleaners in Westchester County then please call 914-381-5764 or complete our online request form.